Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nelson's Ledges

Nelson Ledges

I just got back from the most strange camping experience
I've ever had. Rachel invited me and Katie, along with 8
other friends. Eliza was in town, as she was driving
cross-country with her brother who just graduated from some
school in Florida. I met her in Seattle. We went salsa
dancing after I saw Deborah Voight in Lohengrin at Seattle
Opera. There were a ton of fun people, and the weekend was
fantastic. Nelson's Ledges , however, was a mix of wonder
and disaster. There was horrendously loud music playing
until (I'm not exaggerating) about 5AM. It was like some
kind of huge party in the woods. We were unprepared for
this, as it was advertised as "family camping". We managed
to have a good time nonetheless, playing scrabble, smoking a
huge hookah, listening to the other Sean play guitar and
sing, and reading from Bloom's book of children's stories.
As if to make up for all the drunk, high, rude people,
however, nature offered us a marvelous lake (a filled in
quarry) and some truly strange geology. Check out the


  1. Nelson Ledges is a real cool place. People were having a good time till 5 am. And yes, many families also. For the most part the park is filled with responsible adults. Most folks were doing just what you were. Staff always turns down loud music for us if there is a problem. Did you ask for help? Too bad you experienced rude people. Ive met many incredible people there. Just check the "people" photos on their website at that will show you what they are all about. You will see different people then those you speak of. We love it there.

  2. Nelson Ledges is full of the most wonderful people. We love it. Staff always helps with loud music if we have a problem. Did you even ask for help? The people are great. Check the "people" photos on the site at Its a wonderful place. Call and ask what to expect. Its awesome.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    u suck dont go back to the ledges its not 4 u and u no wat we dont want u to send ne more blogs about this place or ur adventures if u go there again we will come to ur house and humilliate u infront of all ur friends the most bizzare and craziest antics u couldnt even dream of u kno wat kind of things happen in the ledges magic myth and wonder that ur mind CANT HANDLE YOU ARE CANCER

  4. I came across this post on the ebay motors forum. Might be buying a car from NL - hope it works out ok!

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    i get high at the ledges all the time

    -Eric Vesper


  7. Anonymous11:22 AM

    It was the worst experence of my life. Fuck Nelson's Ledges! It's just filled with a bunch of drugheads and I'm never going back.

  8. Anonymous9:47 AM

    If you don't like The Quarry then simply don't go there. Nelson Ledges is more than beautiful. I have lived in Columbus, Ohio my whole life so the Ledges is a magnificent close escape. Yes, there are many "drug heads" there but there are a lot of other people there for the music and festivities. Just because one didn't enjoy it doesn't give them the right to bash on it because there are still plenty of people who are very grateful for the quarry. Maybe it just may have not been your cup of tea. Plus, I couldn't imagine being disappointed when you have DISCO PIZZA there! :)

  9. iv been going to the ledges for about 4 years now, im 18. and i think its the most beautiful, wonderful place in the whole world. its like my second home. theres nowhere else id rather be. ur surrounded by the most amazing people who treat u like family. beautiful sights, and great music. i love the ledges. theres nowhere else id rather be. i got pics up. winter/summer pics. i cant wait for ledges 08!
    i just want to thank all of you at the ledges for the best moments of my life. thanks for making it possible! see ya early bird fest!


  10. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Nelson is the most wonderful place that I have EVER experienced. It is summed up in 1 word FREEDOM, and if u don't like it there then keep to yourself, because it is a great place to enjoy the world without all the bullshit located outside the front gates.

  11. Anonymous11:09 PM

    i think everyone makes a good point in what they r trying to say. i consider myself a stoner and i fuckin love the ledges,,, but for all the STRAIGHT EDGERS,,(people who dont drink, smoke,and try to beleive they're healthier than us). i want to say that u guys have just as much chance of having fun there as we do. you guys are just too much of pussies to understand why drugs are fun. im not "telling" u to do anything u dont want to do, all i am saying is that straight edgers need to take more risks because they dont take any at all. ADRENALINE, is a great drug that is healthy for u,, but u need a good kind of adrenaline. the adrenaline u get in sports and shit isnt like the kind u get from sex. Or from skydiving,because it has more risks. and most people who take those risks are stoners or drunks. but the so called fuck-ups just learned how to take risks and they take drugs to get adrenaline. so i think everyone in this world is ADDICTED to adrenaline. (ITS JUST HOW YOU GET IT) so whether your a risk taker or a sraight edger,,everyone in the world craves the same addiction. so to everyone,,,, go get your adrenaline the way you want to,,,, but u know were all chasing after the same thing. if anyone agrees with my theory,,,go to my myspace at

  12. Anonymous9:07 AM

    the ledges is my home away from home i was just there over the weekend.can u say happy times.nice trails in the sky and in the woods lol.

  13. Anonymous9:35 AM

    wow, there are some really dumb kids in this thread. i'm going to go out on a limb here and contend that drugs have a lot more to do with the release of dopamine and seratonin than they do adrenaline.

    as far as the assertion that taking drugs leads to increased risk taking, i would definitely agree when it comes to alcohol. of course, most of us know that this is a double-edged blade. alcohol can get you into a lot of trouble if you don't exercise good judgement. three sheets to the wind is all fun and games till you hurt somebody and end up in court.

    now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice puff and dancing is a wonderful activity, but if you think that a bunch of stoners dancing around like idiots is an adrenaline rush, I highly suggest you go skydiving or alpine skiing or something.

  14. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Cody Memes might just be an idiot on account of his self-professed hatred of books. Get a clue, dude. Ignorance is not an asset.

  15. ledges hhaha the best place in the world, heaven on earth. was at the hippie fest,best time of my life. i mean floyd and zepellin,cant get any better. goin at the end of july and it'll be well worth the 50 dollars to get in. if anybody reads this and wants to go there remember its real,HEAVEN ON EARTH.

  16. Anonymous3:33 PM


  17. Nathalie5:18 PM

    I'm sure if you were to ask people about me, they would say I'm straight edge. Captain of the cheerleading squad in high school, attended a private college, chemistry major, the list goes on. I come off as a very preppy girl who probablly wouldnt fit in at the ledges...but that is so wrong. You can't not fit in at the ledges. The people there are absolutely amazing and accept everyone. It's not just for "drug heads" its for anyone who wants to have a good time.
    I spent my 4th of July weekend there, which is definitly one of the more crazy times to go. It was a blast though. It opened my eyes to a different way of life, better way, if you will.
    I'm sorry to hear about the loud music incident, but like the other bloggers said, just ask someone, and it wouldnt have been a problem. Not to mention, if the musics too loud, maybe your just too old =P. Let loose, have fun, and enjoy the ledges. If you take life too seriously, you'll never get out. so WAKE UP AND RAGE!
    My experiance was a one of kind time and something that I would have never got anywhere else. I plan on going back for the GreatfullFest and encourage everyone to go!...see you there =]

  18. Anonymous6:34 AM

    I love the place and have always had an amazing time there with or without my family,,, I will be back

    hookah head for life

  19. scooter8:06 AM

    Yeah,I've been to the ledges once in my life I saw the Pink floyd and Zep. It's the raver kids that are the assholes(I had to camp nexxt to a bunch of them.) But everywhere else was full of good vibes,groovy cats,and fun times I will hopefully be going there this weekend.(Look for "The tokin white guy") You'll know what I

  20. Ok look, I've been going to the ledges since I was a little kid with my FAMILY. They quarry is a place for people to camp, but it is also a place to have fun and party. You just happen to go while there was a big fest. I live 15 min away from the quarry in warren and I'm there everyday in the summer. If you really wana have a good time and not deal with alot of so called "drugheads" go when there's no fest and you'll have a good time.

  21. Ok look, I've been going to the ledges since I was a little kid with my FAMILY. They quarry is a place for people to camp, but it is also a place to have fun and party. You just happen to go while there was a big fest. I live 15 min away from the quarry in warren and I'm there everyday in the summer. If you really wana have a good time and not deal with alot of so called "drugheads" go when there's no fest and you'll have a good time.

  22. Anonymous1:59 PM

    For anyone who is looking for a great time and who wants to get the best experience from the ledges then all you have to do is go! except donwt have a stereotypical mindset. Forget about "drugheads" If your not stuck up and act like your better than they will do the same. If you are cool and open minded than so is everybody else there... I would recommend spending the first dew hours there trying to find the most pure LSD there is.... Buy a significant amount (10 strip) wake up the next morning and dose some... Go walk around mingle with the crowds get to know the people take a hike see some of the beautiful scenery as your coming up... You will feel as if the ledges in Cleveland OH is the most beautiful place on earth. Why would you not want that i mean come on you know there are prettier places so why not make the best out of where you are. After you get back from the hike you will prolly be peakin on the doses you took at that point i would drop some more and go jump off some cliffs... go swimming... swim out to an island and find some cool cats and roll up a blunt... why not you know?... ONce your done with that get out dry off and change... by this point you will most likely be fryin balls... its up to you but if it was me i would dose again, take a huge press of molly and head out for the shows... (boombox april 17...) Even if you are the straightest of the straight edges.... if you are comfortible then why not try and trip... you are on a beautiful lake with tons of cool people who dont judge... i mean if you want to you can never tel a soul you dosed some lucy but i guarantee you will have a life changing time... You will want to go back everyweekend... you will day dream about your experience for months to come... I Cannot wait!!! see yall there on the 17th for boombox then the next weekend for papadosio and ekoostik then i will be back for deadfest...

  23. Anonymous2:32 PM

    i'm thinking about going to the ledges for the first time for 420 weekend...should be a good time =)

  24. Anonymous2:33 PM

    im thinking of going to the ledges on 420 weekend and camping. should be a good time =)

  25. Anonymous7:43 AM

    If you aren’t with the seen that’s fine but there is no need for some of the ridiculous comments some of you are making. It’s not too hard to see what the place is about whenever your rolling through the entrance. You shouldn't go to the bigger festivals if you don't like to party. On the other hand, what kind of hippies are these sending the harsh hateful posts? You need to cool out and a lot of you need to work on the spelling and grammar. I party as hard as anyone but I can still spell and compose a sentence. Its cool to get toked up, but stay in school.

  26. Anonymous1:50 AM

    any parent that knowingly lets their chiled mingle with drug users is a drug user. walk through your life filled with true pride. god didnt invent hat we did. responsability. what will the addict do when we take paper money away. no money no drugs. gps . j oh and imagine all the runny noses there will be when the world compleatly irradicates sudifed. lolwe will not die. what does mankind mean to you. how much do you really care. we do. one question. where all the romans. peace.

  27. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Wow what a beautiful place. lotsa bees no mead. booo. bill borneman Nky. nobody but nobody

  28. Anonymous9:48 PM

    There are "drugheads" everywhere! Better go lock yourself in a room - aaaaahhhh Sorry I just wanted to post an absolutely retarded comment like most of these are - oh and by the way - learn how to spell before you post comments - kno and wat ARE NOT WORDS!!

  29. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I went there last weekend. There were some drug users there, but if you don't want to take anything they will not pressure you at all. There is no peer pressure or anything like that up there. It was a wonderful experience. I also agree with all of the ignorant posts. Please do not take seriously those who cannot spell or make a sentence. If you need to think about it and concentrate on making out the meaning it's probably not worth the reading!

  30. when is hippie/420 weekend! i need to know!

  31. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Do you know why all of our beloved festivals are getting busted and venues are being shut down? Because of out in the open blogs that talk about what goes on there with the name of the venue in it. Check out what happened at the Universal Church of Love and Music last weekend. You are all destroying the festival scene like it or not. Just put some shade on it.

  32. Anonymous10:41 PM

    fuck the ledges a buch of cops are up there now the staff will set your asss up for tryin to have a good time they dont want you to make money unless they get a cut and its fuckin true cause i have had staff in the past runnin shit out for me not theyll fuck you over in a second

  33. Anonymous12:35 PM

    there's a certain magic in the air always so present at the ledges...or maybe that's just carbon monoxide and thc. have fun and be safe, you will never have a bad time at the ledges; unless you're an idiot friend of mine who decides to eat a little over a quarter of some cubies at 9am

  34. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Don't go if you don't like drugs. you'll just be freaked out and disapointed. ohio has plenty other non drug related festivals and camping areas. body line, if you DON'T LIKE DRUGS don't go.

  35. Anonymous6:32 PM

    anonymous is right, dont go camping at the ledges with family anytime shortly before, during, or after a festival. the environment is made 60%+ of tripping jam band enthusists, the rest are drunk yuppies and general freaks. we dont want you there.

  36. Anonymous9:51 AM

    i love the ledges and go often if ya dont like it dont go we aint want ya ther. oh yeah make a big deal about misspellled worrds, your kool get your head out your crack. school is for fools have fun while unda da sun,

  37. Anonymous4:59 AM

    NL is a great place to enjoy peace, fun, fucking and partying!!! I accidentally ran across it when trying to sell shit. What an adventure. Jump of the cliff like a squirrel!!

  38. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Nelsons Ledges has changed my life in a positive way, how u had a bad experience there is beyond me. I met the nicest people ever and they taught me life is about having a good fun happy time. The ledges is incredible, it made me and everyone else i was with appreciate life and nature to a greater extent

  39. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I went to the Ledges for several years and had a great time. I just got back from the Floyd weekend fest and I had a terrible time. The staff is completely rude, just trashy, dirty so-called hippies. It is a total drugfest and the grounds are dirty! This place needs to be shut down!

  40. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Everyone here sounds like a fool. Learn to spell

  41. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I went to the ledges for my first time in '09. A bunch of my friends were going after our high school graduation, so I tagged along. I had always smoked riding around on rides and never chilled outside to take in the scenery. I thought it was going to be dumb and a waste of time but I heard they had good bud. When I got there I was surprised to see how beautiful and scenic the grounds were. The camp grounds, lake, and quarry are just like the people there... Unique and one of a kind. You have a wide variety to choose from. There's the concert, partying, camping, and the great outdoors. What more could you ask for? The greatest bud this side of the mississippi? Well, it's there also haha. Take some friends, camping gear, money, blunts, and an open mind and you'll have a great time. Even if you're straight edged, get off your high horse; get out and take all this in. It definitely will open you up to nature and some of our countries coolest, most laid back cats there are.