Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alexandra Nechita

I was recently reminded of an experience I had walking
around Boston a few years ago. I was on Newbury Street,
shopping with a friend of mine. Well, I wasn't shopping,
but she was. Thus, I thought myself totally justified in
stepping into a little art gallery for a breath of fresh
air, so to speak. I immediately noticed very large
canvases, something like Picasso (one of his myriad styles
anyway) but vibrantly colorful and intriguing. I asked the
owner about them. They were painted by a young artist named
Alexandra Nechita .
She was 12 at the time of the painting. I think she's 18
or so now. Wonderful...


  1. Ron Bargine2:07 PM


    My name is Ron and my gallery is having an upcoming Nechita show. I found your blog while surfing the net for fans of her art.

    Alexandra is pretty amazing, and it's exciting to have a chance to meet her. Our show is October 14th and 15th at Wentworth Gallery, Long Island.

    If you'd like an invitation or have any questions, feel free to call me at 516.742.6100.

    You have a great blog site!

    -Ron Bargine

  2. Great blog! Nice pics.

    I strangelt found it in the description of a vehicle on ebay motors!

    Strange for sure but a good read whatever - thanks :)