Thursday, June 02, 2005


I got Abi Tapia's
new cd in the mail today. She's a fantastic
singer/songwriter in Austin. I saw her live in Pittsburgh
last year. She's the cousin of a friend of mine here. I
love her story... She decided she wanted to be a musician
about halfway through college. She picked up a guitar, took
a few lessons, and started writing. A couple years later she
released her first (real) CD, and this is the second.
Go the website and listen to Calamine Lotion and Hand Over Your Heart.
Fantastic lyrics! It's so humbling to be privileged enough to study
music for umpteen years with tons of expensive lessons etc
and have someone like Abi come along, pick up a guitar, and
show you what it really is to be a musician. Humbling, but
wonderful just the same...

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