Friday, February 04, 2005


I went running today! It was the first time since I
sprained my ankle hopping down the Wean stairs last Monday.
It's been years since I've gone 10 days without running.
Spraining my ankle turned out to be somewhat of a blessing.
I started doing yoga and pranayama in the morning. Plus,
I've been going to bed at 10 and waking up a little before
7. Almost 9 hours of sleep! I'll have to cut myself off
pretty soon, as it seems a bit extravagant, but my schedule
is good. Yoga until 8, then work 8-12. Then I go to school
and my productivity is shot until about 6. I've been
getting a couple of good hours in before 9:30 when I shut
the lid. It feels great to be on a schedule.

I had to guard the door tonight at the Google TG. I've
decided I don't really like having power over others. (Or
maybe it's responsibility I'm afraid of...) I liked
Minsky's comment about running the AI lab at MIT.
Something along the lines of, "It was nice to have John
(McCarthy) or some other director around. We had to tell
perfectly good people that we didn't want them any more.
I'd just hide and get some work done while they did the
dirty work. I hate having power. I've met some people that
really like it. I advise you to avoid those people at all
costs..." It was really funny. His talk was one of the
strangest I've ever seen.

I'm happy with Amnesty International. It feels like I'm
doing something when I write to some senator or government
official (last week was Condoleezza Rice). I know it's not
much, but writing letters seems like a direct way to be a tiny voice
of the republic; a way apart and in some sense totally
different than voting.

Enough randomness for one night... It's almost 10!

Sara on my new yoga mat.

No, really, I sprained my ankle.

The trees in some park where Allie and I went hiking. (I forgot the name...)

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