Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Birth Control

In my bathroom is an excellent and funny book about all
aspects of human sexuality. I just read a poignant quote
about birth control:

"Researcher Meg Gerrard spoke to college students about sex
and birth control. Later, she gave a series of follow-up
tests about what she had presented. She found that students
who felt less comfortable about their own sexuality
remembered significantly less about birth control, even if
they were A students in other subjects. On the other hand,
students who scored highest on measures of sexual
self-esteem wee able to remember the most about birth

These findings were just as true for men as for women.
Gerrard found that while being uncomfortable about sex is not
enough to keep a person from having sex, it is enough to
keep him or her from using birth control."
--The Guide to Getting it On

Here's a good site for a little blurb about most methods of
birth control.

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