Friday, February 11, 2005


OK, I don't mean to be gross, but this
sex book
needs to be read by all.
Chapter : Gnarly Sex Germs
A letter to the author:

"Dear Paul,
I'm a pretty responsible and selective guy. I get tested
for AIDS every year and make sure that my partners have
been tested too. Is there any need for me to use condoms?

Dear Clean,
I just returned from a speaking engagement at Portland
State University, where campus health workers estimate that
fifty percent of the student population has a sexually
transmitted disease known as papilloma or HPV. One of the
problems with papilloma, besides the fact that there are
more than seventy known strains of it, is that it causes up
to 95% of the cases of cancer of the cervix and it has been
linked with cancer of the penis and cancer of the head and
Another study in Balitmore found that 40% of inner-city
teens have chlamydia, which is also a sexually transmitted
infection. So if you are traveling to Portland or
Baltimore, you'll probably want to put a condom on in the
morning, right after you put on your socks."

Yikes! Do I know any one from PSU?

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