Sunday, October 23, 2005


This week's service at church
was about the Civil Rights Movement. A number of Dr. King's
speeches were read aloud. I realized I'd never heard many
of them read aloud before. What an amazing gift he gave us
all. It was a good impetus to start Parting the Waters
which Robbie recommended while we were surfing through the
street book vendors on 31st Ave in Astoria.
Here is a comprehensive website with the
text and sound clips of many of the speeches.

I was thinking during the service how he was only a four years
younger than my father. My dad was born in 1925, King in 1929.
I wondered at the unbelievably sad state of our country in 1960,
not 50 years ago. (I'm aware there is still much to feel sorrow for...)
What an awesome example of the potential impact on the world
of a single person. I was speechless the entire time.

I also realized that I've never had a close black friend.
For goodness sake, I lived in Harlem for an entire year.
I suppose that even I live a life of de facto segregation.
I can't name a single black person in the cs department at
cmu. I've never had a black professor, or teacher of any
kind. What gives? How is it that I can make it 29 years
without a single black friend or mentor? We (I) have far
to travel.

At the "I Have a Dream" speech.

The hotel where he was assissinated.

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