Sunday, October 09, 2005

Construction Junction

There's a wonderful store in Pittsburgh called
Construction Junction. It's a nonprofit building supply store
that gets its materials from destruction sites and
landfills. They keep tons of "waste" out of landfills and
make things with it. Or rather, you make things with
it. Last night there was even an art show featuring art made with these recycled materials. Some of it was really
good. (To my eternal regret, I forgot my camera.) One
that made me laugh was some metal electrical device that,
when looked at in the right way, looked just like an African
mask. They added a porcelain body and had a caption coming
from its mouth. Really funny. There was also a creative
device made with old bike materials. Roughly, you pull a
bike brake lever, some marbles come flying out of a can onto
a bike wheel equipped with little grooves to catch the
marbles. This made the wheel spin and it popped a hub onto
a pipe which rolled down etc. etc. etc. until finally
a bike light got switched on. The kids were in awe!
Speaking of children, there was also a craft workshop making
collages with glue and recycled small ceramic tile. They
made all sorts of pictures. I just think this kind of
effort is so beautiful and necessary. Thank you
Construction Junction and Salvo Arts!

In lieu of pictures of the event, here is some art from the
Walker in Minneapolis where I
had a long layover last week.

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  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Thank you, Shawn, for the great write up. I work at Construction Junction, and we all enjoyed the salvo Arts Festival. It was a lot of work geting everything ready for it. Everyone there is committed to the mission of salvage and re-use. I work in the deconstruction "arm" of the business, actually going out into old buildings before they are demolished and salvaging whatever is of use. Quite an interesting job.
    Thank you again.