Sunday, March 27, 2005


I had two goosebump moments yesterday. I went to the Andy
Warhol museum downtown. There was an exhibit of photographs
of dancers. Everyone I've heard of (which is admittedly not
many) was there: Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Martha Graham, Mark
Morris, Jose Limon, Alvin Ailey, Cunningham/Cage together
(that was a beautiful one), Cunningham in a beautiful solo
dance shot. It was totally breathtaking. I finally started
liking (as opposed to "appreciating") Warhol's
work as well. His "Flowers", a dark green acrylic grass
with bright huge fluorescent flowers was awesome.
I even got into Marilyn and Jackie this time.
The other one was watching "The Company" at night. The
movie was fantastic and real (in the California, "that's
real, man" sense), and the Joeffrey dancers were fabulous.
Even Neve knocked my socks off. She's a beautiful dancer!
The injury scenes were so well done. Understated, but the
understatement enhanced the emotion of the whole thing. The
relationship web was also true to my experience. Highly
Now it's Easter. I'm writing a talk and practicing Haydn string
quartets. I had an Eckhart moment while practicing. I'm
trying to transpose all the parts on both Bb and A
clarinet. Some clefs come easy, treble (obviously), bass,
alto (from all those years of playing C clarinet parts on
Bb). Some are coming along: mezzo-soprano for bass on Bb,
Some are not: baritone (for playing a C bass part on A
clarinet). I'm thinking of how cool it will be to be fluent
in all those clefs so I can play whatever part I want on
whatever clarinet makes the key easier. But I found myself
missing the present moment, enjoying the harmonies, the
physical sensation, while my brain is bouncing around trying
to decide what to do next. I continually forget that I'm
perfect already. That I won't be a happier person when I
can do all those transpositions. (I remember Cindi Lee's
comment in yoga class, "Being able to put your head on your
shins will not make you a happier person") It was a nice
reminder of that simple lesson.
Plans for the day: a massive optimization, half a talk,
website maintenance, dodecahedral plates spinning,
databases reading finished. That's all! And I still have
American Splendor checked out from Blockbuster. Hmmm...

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