Sunday, March 14, 2010


From the Pittsburgh parking authority website:

Q. I utilize the Parking Authority metered lots pretty often. I noticed that the signs say, "Head in Parking Only." What is the reason for that?

A. That rule is in accordance with City of Pittsburgh Ordinance #545.03 which states "…All vehicles shall be parked head-in unless otherwise posted…"

Thus, the answer to a good question is "because I said so".   Anyone know what the real reason is?


  1. Its a good question I intend to find out. My best guess: It has to do with exhaust from cars backed into the lot where adjacent building's air intake ducts directly input from cars.

    Otherwise it is just fucking bullshit. Back in parking is much safer than back-out leaving.


    As far as I can tell it is completely arbitrary. None of the surrounding text provides context.

    In summary, it is an ordinance that puts automobiles at risk of damage by increasing the likelihood of collision during a back out, as well increasing the risk of injury or death to pedestrians and especially cyclists

    Perhaps it was written during the 1950s/Leave-it-to-Beaver era of diagonal street parking?