Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Neeta Detta

I had a yoga class with Neeta Detta on Monday.
She's a teriffic teacher, and has an awesome
practice. Best downdog I've ever seen. We spent
10 minutes in wheel preps on the chair (ug) and over an hour in urdvha dhanurasana (ouch).
She had some great insights. I grip my neck in back bends, often leading to headaches. She helped with that. She also emphasized the difference between lifting only from your sternum and lifting with your entire side ribs. The latter felt much better.
We spent a lot of time talking about the internal rotation of the thighs, and outer rotation of the heels. Oh, and in the first pose,
supta virasana, she helped us get our pelvis
more aligned by pushing the butt flesh toward
the knees. Ooo, and I did the headstand version of wheel for the first time. It was an awesome class. I'm sore.

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